Right input, right output.

Olympic Trials

February 10, 2020

I think in life the first step for anything is figuring out what you want. Exactly what you want. The more you can define it, the less you leave for fate to decide. In the past, I have left it open because I was afraid of how I would feel if what I wanted did not come to past. Now I know, you must define and see what you want, work for it. And if it doesn’t work out, that is good, because you have learnt something in the process which you can re apply and adjust the next to you approach your goal. Coming into the Olympic Trials, I am ready. I have done the work, I have visualised success, I have the right team. Many times in Competition, I come in nervous, unsure of how things will play out. But right now I have an opportunity, and opportunity to change my life forever. I am coming into the Olympic Trials ready to secure my spot on the Australian team. I want an Automatic Qualifier and Nomination. A score of 6420 points. I want a golden pathway to the Olympics. I want a medal at the 2020 Olympics, if I am competing 2-3 more times before the Olympics, there is not enough time to put in solid consistent work. The big scores come with solid consistent blocks of training. Tapering and peaking in this time is not going to get me the performance I want. So this weekend, I am ceasing this opportunity to nail an Olympic Qualifier. It doesn’t matter about ranking points, or international competitions. What matters is execution. Now is the time. The end result is not the focus, the process is. Stay relaxed, focus on the process and trust in your training and preparation. Sleep well, eat well, train smart. Visualise success. I am ready. Now is the time. I am in 7 PB shape ready to approach every event with vigour, technical finesse and fire. Time to shine.

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Dietary updates – Carnivore diet??

September 16, 2019

Well, we are 11 days out from ANQ Championships. I feel good. Really good. I can’t remember what I wrote in my World Uni Champs reflection. But I think I identified some things I need to improve. The main one being diet. Since returning, I cut out Gluten from my diet… 6 weeks of training uninterrupted and my lower back pain has diminished. Not only this, I have not had an aggravated right hamstring tendon since Italy. It’s tight at times, but each week there has been steady progress in the mobility and flexibility in the Hamstring. Here is precisely what I have done to rehab the Hamstring: Cut out Gluten Increased Protein intake No stretching SLM Yoga Weekly Massage (with Steven Lockhart) Fortnightly Chiropractor Glute Releases / Activation before and after each session TENS Machine 3 times per week Cupping Daily Thinking back, I did most of these things daily before Italy too. The main difference is diet, cutting out Gluten. Crazy. I have actually been to the doctor to get some blood tests done, but I haven’t gone to the pathology lab to get my blood taken yet. I don’t see the urgency yet, just because things have improved… But, the point of this blog post is that I have taken the diet a step further. For as long as I can remember I have had stiff joints, and had abnormal inflammation throughout my body. There is also other health issues – terrible anxiety, skin rashes, dry skin, takes a long time to warm up and I wake up every morning stiff and hobble out of bed with sore feet. Since cutting out Gluten, I realised what else can I do to optimise my diet leading into my next competition. I have been listening to Jordan Peterson for about 2 years now, and can honestly say my life has improved listening to his lectures. One thing he does which is a little odd is practice a 100% carnivore diets… His daughter Mikhaila introduce him to the diet after she healed her extreme auto immune disease eating only beef, salt and water. On Sunday, I started a modified Carnivore diet – eggs, beef, bacon, black coffee, puerh tea & electrolytes. I think this is going to have the following outcomes: decrease inflammation help cut weight (1-2kg) leading into ANQ Championships Improve tendon health No scientific method here. Let’s see how it goes.

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Reflection: World University Championships

July 24, 2019

Here is my reflection on my performance at the World University Championships in Italy. Here is a video I made a day after the event. Here is my written thoughts 2 weeks after the event: 5th taste like off apple juice. It’s edible and won’t kill you, but it tastes foul. And I never want to consume it again. I am not satisfied with 5th place. But am of course, I am so happy with Personal Best performances in the Javelin (53.27m) & Shot Put (13.53m). But I am not going to dwell on what went wrong, instead I am going to focus on what we can improve and apply to the next competition. My greatest strength is resilience, for real. I have had some major disappointments and just had some horrible experiences in life (outside of athletics). To me, yes it sucks to underperform and not meet expectations. But that’s sport and quite frankly, it’s not my whole life. So can easily move on from World University Championships. It’s not that big of a deal. What I did gain was… I made a list, because I couldn’t be bothered piecing together long sentences. International Experience (this was my first international meet) Proved to myself I could throw big (and even bigger…) Showed composure after under performing Confidence knowing a big score was just a matter of time Excitement because I know I am good and bouncing back and improving Learnt the gaps in my preparation which I can now rectify So what happens from here. Get this injury sorted.┬áSo the biggest contributing factor to my performance was an interrupted training program due to injury. Initially I thought it was a torn hamstring tendon. But now, all signs point to neural pain issues which start in the back. I was diagnosed with a mild disk bulge in June 2018… I thought I had it sorted, obviously not. Not only this, a new discovery is a potential sensitivity to Gluten and Dairy. This inflames the small intestine which sits right near where my disk bulge is…. Interesting. So I am now on a gluten free diet and back rehab to get this body rock solid and ready to fly.The good news, is we know the source and now it is just of matter of time before the body heals itself and we are back at 100% Train train trainThe next 12 months is focused 100% training and preparing to qualify and compete at the 2020 Olympics. I know what I need to do and there is a renewed focus and determination inside of me. It feels so achievable and I just have to trust the process and do what I can now.

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First Blog Post

April 24, 2019

Not sure exactly what I am going to write and share on this blog. But I’m sure I will think of something!

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