Well, we are 11 days out from ANQ Championships. I feel good. Really good.

I can’t remember what I wrote in my World Uni Champs reflection. But I think I identified some things I need to improve. The main one being diet.

Since returning, I cut out Gluten from my diet… 6 weeks of training uninterrupted and my lower back pain has diminished. Not only this, I have not had an aggravated right hamstring tendon since Italy. It’s tight at times, but each week there has been steady progress in the mobility and flexibility in the Hamstring. Here is precisely what I have done to rehab the Hamstring:

  • Cut out Gluten
  • Increased Protein intake
  • No stretching
  • SLM Yoga
  • Weekly Massage (with Steven Lockhart)
  • Fortnightly Chiropractor
  • Glute Releases / Activation before and after each session
  • TENS Machine 3 times per week
  • Cupping Daily

Thinking back, I did most of these things daily before Italy too. The main difference is diet, cutting out Gluten. Crazy.

I have actually been to the doctor to get some blood tests done, but I haven’t gone to the pathology lab to get my blood taken yet. I don’t see the urgency yet, just because things have improved…

But, the point of this blog post is that I have taken the diet a step further. For as long as I can remember I have had stiff joints, and had abnormal inflammation throughout my body. There is also other health issues – terrible anxiety, skin rashes, dry skin, takes a long time to warm up and I wake up every morning stiff and hobble out of bed with sore feet.

Since cutting out Gluten, I realised what else can I do to optimise my diet leading into my next competition.

I have been listening to Jordan Peterson for about 2 years now, and can honestly say my life has improved listening to his lectures. One thing he does which is a little odd is practice a 100% carnivore diets… His daughter Mikhaila introduce him to the diet after she healed her extreme auto immune disease eating only beef, salt and water.

On Sunday, I started a modified Carnivore diet – eggs, beef, bacon, black coffee, puerh tea & electrolytes.

I think this is going to have the following outcomes:

  • decrease inflammation
  • help cut weight (1-2kg) leading into ANQ Championships
  • Improve tendon health

No scientific method here. Let’s see how it goes.