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MAJOR GOAL: 2020 Olympics
HOMETOWN: Townsville, Australia
TRAINING BASE: Brisbane, Queensland
COACH: Eric Brown
AGE: 23
EVENT: Heptathlon


  • Potential Olympian
  • Dedicated young athlete with a healthy lifestyle
  • Remarkable resilience; won bronze at the Nationals despite a hamstring injury
  • Won state Boxing title while unable to run
  • Great role model
  • Social media savvy
  • Multi-talented; developed a Heptathlon app and web application
  • Unique opportunity to partner in the early stages of an elite career


Oceania Athletics Championships

Representing AUSTRALIA
Townsville, 25th - 28th June 2019


“My biggest strength is my resilience. When I injured my foot in 2015 and couldn't run, I took up boxing and became a State Champion.  I just don't give up.”

My Mission

  • Strive to be the best version of myself
  • Inspire young athletes to pursue excellence and never give up
  • To be a world and Olympic Champion
  • Break the Australian Heptathlon record

About me

My name is Tori West. I’m 23 and aspire to compete at the 2020 Olympics in the Heptathlon. The Heptathlon is the toughest and most underrated track and field discipline. With seven events over two days, the athlete who accumulates the most points wins. These are calculated based on performance not placing, so the goal is to perform your best in each event.

The events are as follows:

Day 1: 100m Hurdles, High Jump, Shot Put and 200m
Day 2: Long Jump, Javelin and 800m

How did I get to this point? I have competed in multiple sports since I was three years old including Athletics, Basketball, Boxing and Tennis. Athletics was always my first passion.

My first club was Townsville North Star and to this day many of my records from the age of four still stand. In 2011 when I was 15, I was scouted my first coach, Gary Cairns, who told me I could be good at Javelin. A year later, aged 16, I was the national Under-18 Javelin Champion.

That year, I graduated from High School and went through a rough stage in life. I returned to Athletics in 2015 but injured my foot in 2016. As a result, I took up boxing. I had four fights and won them all, becoming the 2016 Queensland State Champion.

After winning a State Boxing title, I was acutely aware that the 2018 Commonwealth Games were approaching and knew in my heart I wanted to compete in the Heptathlon. So, I retired from Boxing and started Long Jump and Javelin training in January 2017. I made the 2017 Nationals and won a bronze in Javelin.

But, the only thing on my mind was the Heptathlon.

Heptathlon hurdles

I started official Heptathlon training on 23 April 2017. In nine months, I went from unknown and unranked to Number 2 in Australia, qualifying for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

However, at the Commonwealth Games selection trial I made a mistake in my strongest event, the High Jump, and placed fourth. This lost me the opportunity to compete in the Australian team. But this is sport. You have your wins and losses, but what matters is that you learn from those experiences.

And I learned from this and continue to do so.

In March 2018, just after the Commonwealth Games trials, I ran into injury issues with my back. I had to de-load from training for six months to recover. During this layoff, I moved to Brisbane to train with a new elite squad. This was a very difficult decision, because I loved the idea of going all the way to the top with my team in Townsville.

Without my Townsville coaches I would never be involved in Athletics. But knew in my heart I had to move to get to the next level. I believe success is determined by who you surround yourself with, so I had to immerse myself among athletes who were better than me and had a different mindset.

I moved to Brisbane in December 2018 and officially transitioned under the Coaching excellence of Eric Brown – arguably the world’s best multi-event coach. Eric coaches 2018 World Junior Decathlon Champion Ashley Maloney and Australian Olympic Decathlete Cedric Dubler, as well as many other former Olympic Athletes. And he has great faith in my potential. In Eric’s eyes I am raw untapped potential considering how late I started my Heptathlon training journey.

Despite the move, I often spend time in Townsville for work and to visit family. So, in some ways, it doesn’t feel like I have moved.

Competing against the odds

Since December, training has been intense and we have seen tremendous improvements. However, on 11 February I partially tore my hamstring tendon running off Hurdles. Another setback. I decided I’s prioritise recovery and not compete at the Australian Championships. Two days before the competition was set to begin, however, I changed my mind.

This was by far my toughest Heptathlon, I was in pain and had to overcome a great deal of doubt and fear to finish. Due to my injury, I underperformed in most of the events, particularly the 200m, Long Jump and 800m.

After the Long Jump I almost dropped out.

But I didn’t want an average performance on my history. I persevered and the competition changed as soon as I threw a new PB of 50.54m in Javelin, moving from eighth to third place. I then had to dig deep in the 800m to maintain third and I did just that… by only 4 points (which is less than 0.5 seconds).

I ran a PB with an injured leg. It hurt physically and emotionally. But I did it. And never in my life did I think bronze would feel like a gold. My 2019 Nationals ups and downs are documented on my Facebook page.

I’m now rehabbing and preparing to represent Australia at the 2019 Oceania Area Championships in Townsville from 25-28 June. My performance at the Nationals was gutsy enough to secure my place in the team. What an honour, representing Australia in my hometown. 


2019 – 3rd Australian National Championships – Open Heptathlon
2018 – 1st QLD State Champion – Open Heptathlon
2018 – Finished year ranked #2 in Australia
2017 – Athletics North QLD – Athlete of the Year
2017 – 3rd Nationals – Open Women Javelin
2017 – 1st QLD State Champs – Open Javelin
2016 – 1st QLD Boxing State Champs – 69kg Women (4W, 0L)
2015 – 2nd Oceania Athletics Championships (Heptathlon)
2012 – 1st Australian Champion – U18 Women’s Javelin
2012 – Pimlico State High School - Athlete of the Year
2011 – Started Formal Athletics Training

I’ve got gold and personal bests on my mind.

2019 World Championships Doha
2020 Olympics - Tokyo Japan
2021 World Championships - Eugene, USA
2022 Commonwealth Games - Birmingham, UK


Olympic Qualifier =6420 or Top 24 in the world
World Championships Qualifier = 6300 or Top 24 in the world

Heptathlon Score 5793 6420
100m Hurdles 14.32s 13.85s
High Jump 1.77m 1.82m
Shot Put 12.99m 14.00m
200m 24.27s 23.80s
Long Jump 5.88m 6.20m
Javelin 50.54m 55m
800m 2:24.80min 2:15
SCORE if you add PBs 6000 6552


"Athletics is a self-funded sport and I have managed to pay my way up until now. To be honest it's stressful at times, and this does not help staying healthy and injury fee. I need your help.”

I’m now rehabbing and preparing to represent Australia at the 2019 Oceania Area Championships in Townsville from 25-28 June. My performance at the Nationals was gutsy enough to secure my place in the team. What an honour, representing Australia in my hometown.

Why I need your help

To reach my potential, I must train and compete full-time, and that means 8-10 training sessions per week. Training full-time would mean I could truly reach my potential. But I can’t do that without your help.

I am self-funded and run a freelancing business doing website development, graphic design & online marketing. I enjoy the work, but looking back, when I get injured it’s usually stress related. I set high standards in everything I do and put a lot of pressure on myself to perform in work and sport. Stress works against effective recovery and performance.

Training and competing full-time is the only way I can reduce this stress and succeed at an elite level. At the moment, I have to work to cover my expenses (see Costs Table) and had to drop subjects I was studying in 2018 because I couldn’t fit it into my busy schedule.

I was study a Bachelor of Science / Computer Science majoring in Bioinformatics & Data Science at the University of Queensland.

What’s in it for you?

This is a win-win opportunity for you. As well as being marketable through my sporting talent, youth and resilience, my online marketing background means I can help optimise your sponsorship exposure and reach.

Using my expertise, I am already creating an authentic athlete personal brand by documenting my journey through YouTube videos, and creating a community on Instagram and Facebook. It is early days, but since launching at the Nationals in April 2019, we’ve already seen great growth.

I have mapped out a strategy for continuous growth and engagement.

Everyone loves a story of overcoming adversity, working towards your dreams and then achieving them. Partner with me and your brand can align with my journey, wherever it leads. It’s also a powerful message to partner in the early days, showing your support and belief in my potential from the start. It could lead us both anywhere.

Target Audience

The people your partnership exposure will be reaching.

Young Track & Field Athletes aged 8–21 (Townsville and Australia-wide)
Platform: YouTube and Instagram
This year I will conduct school Athletics/coaching programs in Brisbane and North Queensland. Also, my existing Instagram audience comprises of mostly young track and field athletes and is steadily growing.

Parents of Young school-aged athletes
Platform: Facebook
In my experience, working behind the scenes in sport organisation Facebook communities, it is actually the parents of young athletes who make up most of the audience. They like to find role models for their kids to aspire to. So, expect a lot of my Facebook audience to include this group.

Young females aged 13–25
Platform: Instagram and YouTube
Due to my background and what I do in sport, I can appeal to a generation of young females interested in fitness, wellbeing and health. There are many influencers online who inspire this demographic. With my rise in the Heptathlon and possible World Championships qualification, I have great potential as an influencer in this market.


Local Media Exposure

When I conduct interviews with local TV news or the Townsville Bulletin. I will wear a shirt or hat with your logo. At networking events, athletics functions and business events I will make known my sponsors and ensure that your brand is associated with me as an athlete.

Sponsor Logo Placement

  • Official polo shirt
    Used for official media interviews, announcement videos, networking events. Your logo will be placed in a prominent position.
  • Training clothing
    Singlets and hat – I wear this clothing every day; I basically live in it. I am literally a walking advertisement.Competition track suit I wear this in between events during a Heptathlon competition.
  • Travel bags
    I use this to transport equipment each day for training and competitions. Your brand will always be where I go, on and off the athletics track.
  • Website sponsor bar
    On my website I will share exclusive content (training blogs, PDF guides and online merchandise) and your brand will have a logo placement there. I can even place an ad and let you know how many people have viewed your logo or clicked on your link.
  • Facebook cover image
    I will place your logo on my Facebook cover image, ensuring anytime someone visits my Facebook page your company will get exposure.
  • Speaking engagements
    I can share my inspiration story of resilience against the odds in speaking engagements and motivational talks.
  • Facebook and Instagram announcement
    I can prepare Facebook videos and posts announcing partnership and urge my audience to support your company organically.

Media and marketing availability

If you need me for a video or photo in a marketing campaign, I am happy to oblige. I have featured in advertisements before and feel comfortable in front of a camera. My professional background is in online marketing, so I’m relatively well-versed in the world of marketing and media. But I cannot participate if this impedes my Athletics training and recovery. If this is the case, I will be open and honest in my communication.

Here is some examples of Ad Campaigns I have done in the past.

As part of a partnership, I could also be available for your company marketing campaigns.

North Queensland Sports Foundation
2018 NQ Games TV Spot Ad

Queensland Country Credit Union
2017 Insurance Ad Campaign - Digital & Print


"This can be a win win opportunity, exspecially considering my background in online marketing ."


Just before we talk numbers, I want to give you an idea of the projected costs for competitions and week to week training. Your partnership will help supplement my training costs so I can reach the pinnacle of my sport. And in the journey I can help bring exposure for your company or organisation.




Covers the following competitions:

  • Oceania Championships Townsville - 26th June 2019
  • World University Championships Italy - 10th July 2019

You can to choose an event to sponsor:

100mH, High Jump, Shot Put, 200m, Long Jump, Javelin or  800m.

Then when I make a video after and during each event at competition, you company brand logo and a link will be featured.

During competition, these videos and posts perform the best on Social Media. So this ensures great exposure for your company.

Here is an example:

As well as video placement, I will be sure to include your logo on the following mediums:

  • Website Sponsor Bar
  • Facebook Cover Image
  • Training Singlet


Would love the opportunity to meet and talk.

Here is my contact details:

phone: 0417 550 296


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