Here is my reflection on my performance at the World University Championships in Italy.

Here is a video I made a day after the event.

Here is my written thoughts 2 weeks after the event:

5th taste like off apple juice. It’s edible and won’t kill you, but it tastes foul. And I never want to consume it again.

I am not satisfied with 5th place. But am of course, I am so happy with Personal Best performances in the Javelin (53.27m) & Shot Put (13.53m).

But I am not going to dwell on what went wrong, instead I am going to focus on what we can improve and apply to the next competition.

My greatest strength is resilience, for real. I have had some major disappointments and just had some horrible experiences in life (outside of athletics). To me, yes it sucks to underperform and not meet expectations. But that’s sport and quite frankly, it’s not my whole life. So can easily move on from World University Championships. It’s not that big of a deal.

What I did gain was… I made a list, because I couldn’t be bothered piecing together long sentences.

  • International Experience (this was my first international meet)
  • Proved to myself I could throw big (and even bigger…)
  • Showed composure after under performing
  • Confidence knowing a big score was just a matter of time
  • Excitement because I know I am good and bouncing back and improving
  • Learnt the gaps in my preparation which I can now rectify

So what happens from here.

  1. Get this injury sorted. 
    So the biggest contributing factor to my performance was an interrupted training program due to injury. Initially I thought it was a torn hamstring tendon. But now, all signs point to neural pain issues which start in the back. I was diagnosed with a mild disk bulge in June 2018… I thought I had it sorted, obviously not. Not only this, a new discovery is a potential sensitivity to Gluten and Dairy. This inflames the small intestine which sits right near where my disk bulge is…. Interesting. So I am now on a gluten free diet and back rehab to get this body rock solid and ready to fly.
    The good news, is we know the source and now it is just of matter of time before the body heals itself and we are back at 100%
  2. Train train train
    The next 12 months is focused 100% training and preparing to qualify and compete at the 2020 Olympics. I know what I need to do and there is a renewed focus and determination inside of me. It feels so achievable and I just have to trust the process and do what I can now.