Before you read through the stats…

The heptathlon is a data heavy event. Each performance is associated with a points score.

I only compete in 2-3 heptathlons per year – so it’s hard to say what’s on paper is a reflection of where I am at. Heptathlon is unlike any track and field event. Individual event athletes can compete more frequently and post performances. In heptathlon, you need to be properly prepared and peak to undertake 2 days of competition. It can take up to 10 days to recover!

Currently my personal best is 5793 points – a respectable performance. But there is a lot of room for improvement. It you add up all my personal best performances, my total in the heptathlon is 6000 points.

My last heptathlon was Nationals in April and my score was 5466 points – it was a gutsy performance considering injury but on paper nothing spectacular.

The World Championships Qualifier this year is 6300 points or to rank in the top 24 in the world. Given I am healthy and not injured, this is possible.

2017 / 18 Season

2017 / 18 was a stellar season, I posted 23 PBs over 9 months and moved from un-ranked to ranked #2 in Australia leading into the Commonwealth Games Trials. I have shown my capacity to improve and am dedicated to improving myself even further leading into the qualifying period for the 2020 Olympics.

Personal Bests

100mH14.31s 2019935
High Jump1.77m2018941
Shot Put13.53m2019763
Long Jump5.88m2018813
BEST SCORE5793 (#16 Australian All Time)